Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a problem focused, goal directed treatment based upon information processing research. The model is based upon the principal that how we think influences how we feel and what we do. Choices then contribute to our life situations and thus shape the worlds in which we live. For instance, people prone to be anxious tend to believe situations are more dangerous than they actually are and believe that they are less capable than they usually really are. These patterns in thinking contribute to feelings of anxiety and often lead to avoiding feared people or situations. By doing so beliefs that fuel anxiety get strengthened and people don't get better. Similarly, people who get "down" or depressed often view things more negatively than in reality they actually are.

Dr. Riggenbach trains professionals and consumers alike how to take a critical look at specific types of  biased cognitive processing and learn to modify specific distortions in thinking to feel better and live more enjoyable and productive lives.

Over the past 10 years he has lectured in over 600 cities in the United States, Canada, & Mexico to approximately 30,000 workshop participants. He is known for bridging the gap between research findings and practical application and his talks routinely receive the highest evaluations in terms of learning objectives, skill development, and entertainment value."

Dr. Jeff Riggenbach is a nationally recognized expert in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment & personality dysfunction. 

Because of his expertise in this area, he is in tremendous demand as a consultant, speaker, and trainer.

In addition to his clinical work with personality disordered individuals, Dr. Riggenbach is known for adapting CBT principles effectively for consulting, coaching, and corporate environments. (Click here for leadership training site)

Dr. Riggenbach

Dr. Riggenbach trained with the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and has developed expertise in applying CBT to challenging clients. His engaging presentations, handouts, video clips, and related case studies present structured intervention strategies for improved success with the most difficult to treat clients.

Dr. Riggenbach can tailor his presentations to all-day training, breakout sessions, or keynote speaking according to organizations’ needs. For further information about booking Dr. Riggenbach please go to our Booking link to contact us for further details.

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