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Borderline Personality Disorder TOOLBOX

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  "...This toolbox is a must-have for mental health professionals, people with BPD traits and their family members."

- Randi Kreger, Best-Selling Author, Stop Walking on Eggshells


"Dr. Riggenbach's toolbox incorporates much practical gear for those dealing with BPD...these tools help all experiencing the demands of BPD to build and sustain more stable relationships."

- Dr. Jerold Kreisman, Best-Selling Author, I hate You Don't Leave Me.


"Written in clear user-friendly language, drawing on vast research literature, beautifully summarizes what is known about BPD and how it can be effectively excellent resource for patients, clinicians, and families."  

- Dr. Joel Paris, Editor, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

BPD Skills Training Videos


I originally developed this as a coaching program for people in various countries around the wold who were on extended wait lists or were in remote areas without access to BPD specific treatment. The video series consists of BPD skills training identical to what we ran in treatment programs in psychiatric hospitals for15 years. Many clinicians benefit from having access to this psychoeducational video series to play for clients in session as a means of teaching valuable emotion regulation skills. Clients who are not in therapy can benefit from the skills training as well,

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Hospital/Facility Consulting


Considering implementing BPD services at your facility and want to work with Dr. R directly on program development, contact us at [email protected] for more information on consultation services.