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Burnout is becoming increasingly problematic in all facets of life, and people who are difficult to deal with often contribute in a big way. Few experts in the world are more qualified to draw from what is now known about cognitive science to offer powerful yet practical strategies for dealing with these draining people. Don't allow toxic people to rob you of your joy one day longer. Bring Dr. R in to speak at your local, state or national conference and regain your peace. Contact us at [email protected] to start the conversation about booking Dr. for for your next keynote or live event. 


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High-conflict personalities in the workplace kill morale, decrease productivity, contribute to poor retention of talent, destroy the organization's reputation in the community, and significantly impact the bottom line. Contact us at [email protected] to book your 60 minute Lunch and Learn to equip your team with strategies for dealing with these difficult people. These low investment trainings are a great starting point for helping your leadership get on the same page with your teams, your teams communicate better with each other, and your organization connect more effectively with potential and current clients. Visit our newly revamped linkedin page for more free tips on preventing relationship related burnout in your organization.

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